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VISION: Good Earth Mechanics, LLC (GEM) is a private corporation established to enable and promote the optimal use of the Geopressured-Geothermal resource (GPGT) using its technology and subject matter expertise. GEM supports the piloting of its systems and works to develop and improve operational practices to maximize value for the stakeholders of its technology (oil operators, utilities, water purveyors, communities). GEM will remain engaged throughout the lifecycle, developing new technology to enhance the value, and infuse that new technology to the enterprise as it evolves. In this capacity, GEM will also serve as an ongoing, enterprise-focused R&D entity, as well as an implementer of sustainable technology.
value function
VALUE: A tenet proposition of GEM's charter is that if the enterprise value is truly increased, with particular focus on the economical benefit of the value function (i.e., in addition to environmental and social), solutions will be self promulgating and will not require excessive governmental incentives. This tenet forms a primary objective of the GEM mission statement: support and guide the fielding of the solutions, with technical expertise, proprietary data, and intellectual property, in a manner which continues to maximize the total value while focusing on the economical benefit. In this manner, GEM “earns its keep” and its funding coincides directly with an increase in stakeholder value. GEM will remain independent and small in size, allowing a clear, unencumbered focus on its mission. As such, GEM can serve as an objective advisor to the stakeholders.
COLLABORATION: GEM will cultivate a collaborative team, providing technical depth across the enterprise to reduce risk and ensure value for the stakeholders. The GEM team consists of associates in academia, industry, and private individuals. GEM is governed by a charter supporting its vision and mission, jointly developed and maintained by the associates. Accomplishing the GEM vision will require a vibrant relationship with a variety of government agencies, e.g., federal, state, and local entities responsible for the subject matter of GEM's technology. GEM will foster an open and active collaboration with these governmental agencies, and work to ensure their incorporation in the enterprise.




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