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Salinity Gradient Solar Ponds for the Salton Sea
2013 Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit & Expo
Holtville, CA
15 March 2013

This briefing introduces Salinity Gradient Solar Pond (SGSP) systems and discusses the use of SGSP technology as a commercial solution to help restore and manage the Salton Sea.

SGSP for Red River Chloride Control
Annual Convention of the Red River Valley Association Shreveport, LA
21 Feb 2013

GEM presents a proposal to use the salt contaminating the Red River Basin to construct SGSP systems for the production of renewable energy, providing a commercial solution to chloride control on the Red River. The US Army Corps of Engineers Truscott Brine Lake is featured as a lead-off project site.
California Design Technical Interchange Meeting
Bureau of Reclamation Offices, Denver, CO
24 April 2007
The briefing’s purpose was to raise awareness within state and federal agencies regarding the potential for GEM’s technology to help solve the water and energy challenges in the West. Attenders included USBR, CA Dept. of Water Resources, and the TX Water Development Board.

California Design Overview AWWA Briefing
AWWA Conference, Sacramento, California
23 October 2007

The briefing introduce the California Design concept (CALDES) to the American Water Works Association, Desalination Section, at their Fall 2007 convention in Sacramento, CA. The principal message is that we can solve the impending CA water shortage crisis with cost-effective, renewably powered coastal desalination.

EOR System For Use With A GPGT Conversion System
SPE/AICHe Workshop on CO2 Emissions, Sonoma, CA
25-26 February 2008

The briefing introduce the GEM TEOR method which:
[1] Halves the fuel per CWE bbl steam (v. steam generators)
[2] $3-$5 savings per CWE bbl steam (@ $8/Mcf gas)
[3] Establish renewable energy system as optional co-product
[4] Half the carbon footprint (~zero with renewable offset)

Converting GPGT Reservoirs to Renewable Energy Systems with Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery
SMU Conference: Geothermal Energy Utilization Associated with Oil & Gas Development, Dallas, TX 17-18 June 2008
Introduction to GEM technology: converting GPGT reservoirs to renewable energy systems (solar ponds) while enabling cost effective TEOR of collocated oil, with discussion of H.R.6 (Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007)




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