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Enhanced Oil Recovery Scoping Study, Final Report, Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI), October 1999
  • Overview of EOR in the U.S., primarily CO2 and TEOR
  • Case studies noting power requirements, SOR, etc.
  • Focus on power requirements for CO2 sequestration
Advancements in Salinity Gradient Solar Pond Technology Based on 16 Years of Operational Experience, Huanmin Lu, Andrew H. P. Swift, Herbert D. Hein, Jr., John C. Walton; J. Solar Energy Eng., v.126, p. 759-767, May 2004
  • 16 yrs experience of UTEP solar pond operational R&D
  • Demonstrated: desalination, waste brine management, process heat production, electricity generation
  • Including: automated instrumentation, gradient maintenance, scanning injection, improved liner and heat extraction
Thermal Desalination using MEMS and Salinity-Gradient Solar Pond Technology
Huanmin Lu, John C. Walton, and Herbert Hein; University of Texas El Paso, 98-FC-81-0047 USBR, August 2002
  • Solar pond driven multi-stage flash desalination study
  • Using UTEP experimental solar pond
  • Operation and maintenance procedures evaluated
  • Build costs estimated
A Wind-Mixed Layer Model for Solar Ponds, Atkinson, J.F., Harelman, D.R.F.; Solar Energy, v.31, p.243-259,1983
  • Solar pond model used in MITSOL (GEM analysis)
The Advanced Solar Pond: Basic Theoretical Aspects
Rubin, H. and Bemporad, G.; Solar Energy, v.43, No.1, p.35-44, 1989
  • Solar pond analysis of multi-selective withdrawal
Steam Compression With Inner Evaporative Spray Cooling: A Case Study, Jian Qiu, Zhaolin Gu and Guoguang Cai; Int. J. Computer Applications in Technology, Vol. 21, No. 4, 2004
  • Analysis of inner-evaportive cooling during steam compression
  • Basic method employed in GEM TEOR system
Prediction of Steamflood Performance in Heavy Oil Reservoirs Using Correlations Developed by Factorial Design Method, C. Chu; SPE 20020, 60th CA Regional Meeting, Ventura, CA, April 4-6, 1990
  • Factoral analysis of the Gomma Method for TEOR estimates
Efficiency of nonideal Carnot engines with friction and heat losses, E. Rebhan; Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Heinrich-Heine-Universitat, D-40225 Dusseldorf, Germany, 26 June 2002
  • Derivation of simplified statement for thermal efficiency of Carnot Engines (used to estimate solar pond ORC efficiency)


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