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Key Benefits Renewable Energy image 3355 sq.m. experimental solar pond, El Paso, TX (UTEP)


“Revenue Neutral” Solar Ponds

With CO2 tax management and renewable energy tax credits, the solar ponds can be effectively established for zero cost, viz:

$40,000/acre SP construction
+ $20,000/acre ORC pwr equip
$60,000/acre SP build costs
(~$50k/acre free-salt offset)

The build costs for a 100 acre SP (base case) are then $6M. Allowing $1M-$4M for brine conveyance, (Kern County - Mojave Desert), the total costs are $7M-$10M for a 2MWe SP.

A 2MWe SP will offset the TEOR carbon tax ($5M credit at $40/ton), leaving a $2M-$5M balance. Allowing 4MM bbl oil production per GPGT well, a $0.50-$1.25 per bbl-oil renewable energy tax credit would pay for installing the SPs on a revenue neutral basis.

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