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Our Technology - System Overview diagram


Recover Geopressured-Geothermal (GPGT) brines and use for thermal enhanced oil recovery (TEOR) of collocated heavy oil reserves while building renewable energy systems.

Basic Operation
  1. Flow GPGT brine from wellbore, separate gas and produce electricity with turbine.
  2. Concentrate GPGT brine in multi-effect evaporator (MEE), producing H2O/steam.
  3. Fire GPGT gas in gas-turbine engine to compress steam and condition TEOR fluid.
  4. Use saturated brine from MEE to build solar ponds for renewable electricity.

Other Key Attributes

  • Patented/patent-pending technology
  • Flexible, modular configurations
  • California, Texas main U.S. deployment
  • 60+ GPGT basin regions worldwide



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